BELFLOWER is a series that delves into the heart of a group of guys grappling with the complex realities of today's life. We follow Nicolas, heartbroken from losing his stepfather role, who reunites with his hometown high school friends. Together, they navigate this new phase of their lives, where parental responsibilities and social expectations are questioned.

The series explores themes of fatherhood, friendship, and love through the eyes of these modern-day men - those we know, those we love, and sometimes those we struggle to understand. They are young fathers, lovers, friends who cast a benevolent gaze upon the world, even in tough times, even amidst rapid societal changes. BELFLOWER is a contemporary series that portrays a world where solidarity, vulnerability, and feminism are essential for these men as they seek to redefine their identity in an evolving world.

This series offers a refreshing and sincere look at the challenges and joys of modern masculinity

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10 épisodes x 30 minutes

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