Recorded in front of a studio audience on a pop art set, the series features a highly entertaining competition that appeals to youngsters and adults alike. Kaboom! perfectly plugs into the co-viewing trend with varied and unusual content aimed at the whole family.

Two teams, each consisting of a youngster and two adults, go head to head and try to move ahead on a giant fame board (like Snakes and Ladders) by answering quirky general knowledge questions. To win, teams must advance on the game board and go further than their adversaries. The key to success is trusting team mates and relying on them to correctly answer the greatest number of questions. Under the guiding hand of our friendly host and the sharp wit of his faithful assistant, we get to learn, play and have fun all at the same time.

Are you ready for 30 minutes of constructive craziness and contagious energy? Are you ready for Kaboom!?

Genre(s) :

Kids & Youth
Youth quiz

Duration :

27 minutes

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