Cochon dingue

Four friends and a talking guinea pig have taken up the challenge of
creating a new Web encyclopedia. During each program, our hosts explore a new theme examined from varied points of view to highlight its most interesting, entertaining and sometimes surprising aspects. Reviews, hilarious skits, in-depth reports, vlogs and special guests – every possible means is used to investigate the day’s theme from every angle. Wacky Cavy is an entertaining and cutting-edge program for kids 8 to 10 that aims to stimulate their curiosity while encouraging them to think creatively. The motto of the Wacky Cavy show says it all: CURIOSITY, CREATIVITY and CARROTS!

Number of Seasons
Number of Episodes
Episode Length
24 min
Broadcast Year
2017 à 2022
  • Télé-Québec
  • Unis TV
  • 2017 : Meilleure émission jeunesse : magazine
  • 2017 : Meilleure réalisation jeunesse : Divertissement/Magazine
  • 2017 : Meilleure recherche : jeunesse
  • 2017 : Meilleur animation : jeunesse