In Curium, host Félix-Antoine Tremblay enthusiastically dives into the world of scientific news! The series explores themes related to scientific discoveries, breaking them down in a simple, vivid, and captivating manner. Throughout the episodes, Félix-Antoine travels across Quebec and its surroundings to better understand the world he lives in. Are we the only living beings in the universe? Can we outsmart nature? Will robots replace us one day? Should we put an end to plastic? Is it necessary to experience pain? Curium is committed to providing food for thought by delving into the heart of the action, testing, and popularizing all sorts of scientific concepts. Whether in the forest, underwater, in a cave, mid-air, or in the company of a robot, Félix-Antoine accompanied by scientists, demystifies natural phenomena, new technologies, health issues, and much more!

Genre(s) :

Kids & Youth

Duration :

26 épisodes X 23 minutes

Number of Seasons :


Language(s) :


Broadcaster(s) :

ICI Radio-Canada, ICI, ICI Explora

Production Year(s) :