In Curium, host Félix-Antoine Tremblay jumps into scientific news! The series explores themes related to scientific discoveries that are simply, visually and captivating.

During the episodes, Félix-Antoine traveled around Quebec and the surrounding area to try to better understand the world in which he lives. Are we the only living beings in the universe? Can we outsmart nature? Will robots ever replace us? Do we need to stop using plastic? Is it necessary to have pain? Will we succeed to teleport one day? What will the burger of the future look like? Curium is committed to providing ways of thinking by diving into the heart of the action, and testing and popularizing all kinds of scientific concepts. Whether it’s in the forest, during a flight or in a cave, Félix-Antoine demystifies natural phenomena, new technologies, health issues with the help of scientists.

With Curium, curiosity knows no limits!

Genre(s) :

Kids & Youth

Duration :

26 épisodes X 23 minutes

Number of Seasons :


Language(s) :


Broadcaster(s) :

ICI Radio-Canada, ICI, ICI Explora

Production Year(s) :