The Fentanyl Threat

The Fentanyl Threat is a documentary investigation led by Samian, who has become acquainted with several users of this deadly drug. These users have opened themselves up to him, delivering honest, hard-hitting testimonials. This series takes an objective, unvarnished look at the day-to-day reality of their lives in an effort to understand what drives them to keep using, despite the risk of dying from it.

The show also follows the work of first responders on the front lines of the war on fentanyl: paramedics treating overdoses, police officers trying to slow or stop the trafficking of the drug, street workers, and doctors working in the city’s most-affected neighbourhoods.

We get an honest, unsparing look at the fentanyl crisis, unfolding in real time over a 4-month period, as medical teams work to prepare their services, at-risk populations are informed about the imminent threat, and the antidote naloxone is added to paramedic and street-worker kits. We see first-hand the devastation caused by this drug, but we also bear witness to the heroic effort to limit the destruction and to educate the population at large.

A shocking series that takes a hard look at a serious threat to our society.

Genre(s) :

Documentary & Factual
Documentary series

Duration :

22 minutes

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Broadcaster(s) :

Moi & Cie

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