Ici & maintenant

Modern life is here and now! That’s the message our host Pénélope McQuade conveys in this weekly series on Radio-Canada. In our fast-paced society that leaves some out of breath, Pénélope would like people to slow down and take the time to appreciate the present moment. It may sound simple enough, and yet it’s really a revolutionary concept when you think of the hurried lives most people lead. Each episode features two documentaries on people Pénélope wants to stop in their tracks. She invites them to take a breather and take the time to enjoy life. It’s never too late to change! The series presents touching and engaging stories whose objective is to show how various social and human factors are contributing to an alienating lifestyle, whether it’s the growing pains of a young person, the psychological problems of someone unable to fulfill themselves, the fear of ridicule that prevents one from revealing hidden talents, or the fear of rejection and failure. The series aims to inspire people of all backgrounds to rise to the challenge of realizing their full potential, and to take stock of the everyday turmoil of their lives with a view to disrupting it for good.

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Documentary & Factual
Documentary series

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ICI Radio-Canada

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