I am Trans

Number of Seasons 2
Number of Episodes 20
Episode Length 30 min
Broadcast Year 2016-2017
Broadcaster Moi & Cie

I am Trans is a documentary series that explores the lives of five transgender people who share their innermost thoughts and feelings with the viewing public.

We discover the reality of their lives as they go about their daily business, and in so doing become emotionally attached to unique people whose superficial differences are quickly forgotten.

Getting looks at the supermarket, choosing women’s shoes for men’s size 11 feet, renewing a driver’s permit on which the indicated sex doesn’t match the clothes worn . . . we’ll examine some of the difficulties transgender people face in real-life situations, and we’ll follow the procedures involved in changing sex, everything from the hormone treatments to the plastic surgery and legal repercussions. We’ll also explore the attitudes of the family members, friends and colleagues who have seen the transformation firsthand.