Boutique MC Gilles

Boutique MC Gilles is an off-the-wall look at consumerism and overconsumption in Quebec. The show is hosted by Dave Ouellet, aka MC Gilles, a radio host and television personality who has decided to confront his guilty pleasures by sharing them with the public. A true lover of all that’s authentic and local, MC knows where to look for shining talent in popular culture, both musical and visual. With Boutique MC Gilles our host indulges in the pure pleasure associated with consumerism gone wild. The show’s outrageously kitschy set sets the tone, and serves as backdrop to a surreal presentation of bizarre products, absurd ads, and performances by artists cheered on by their fans. Public participation is central to the entire concept. With its added soupçon of unpretentious social criticism, this is a 2.0 public interest show like no other.

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