The Foodie List

Number of Seasons 1
Number of Episodes 15
Episode Length 45 min 22 sec
Broadcast Year 2015
Broadcaster Zeste
  • Zeste

The Foodie List is like going to a new city and meeting a friend who
introduces you to the best restaurants and treats you to refined and
outstanding cuisine. This local cuisine is now accessible to all.
In each new city, we enjoy 11 amazing must-try meals presented by four
local foodies. These “tasters” comment on each meal and explain their
unique characteristics, what they like about it, and what stands out. With each meal we visit a new restaurant. The show gives a taste of the atmosphere that pervades each renowned establishment, and offers a quick tour of the kitchen to see where the magic happens and how the chefs prepare their carefully selected ingredients. Discover unique meals and new cuisines with our quirky local food experts.