Home Turf: Sisterhood

A bright, dramatic series that takes us through the highs of five hapless young women as they struggle to restore balance in their lives after a string of false starts.

As five young women try to get back on their feet in their perfectly imperfect foster home, their hopes are soon shattered by misfortune. Separated and scattered apart by the system, they are left to fend for themselves as they try to find their way back to each other and to the joys of sisterhood. Although their respective journeys are far from smooth sailing, the girls can count on each other to keep rowing forward in the boat that is their family.

Home Turf: Sisterhood is the beautiful story of impossible friendships within an all-girls makeshift family.

Awards and Festival Selections

  • Official Selection of Seriencamp 2022
  • Gemini Award 2022 for Best Supporting Role in a Program or Series Produced for Digital Media: Drama (Claire Jacques)
  • Finalist in 9 categories of the Gemini Awards 2022

Genre(s) :


Duration :

8 episodes x 24 minutes

Number of Seasons :


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Broadcaster(s) :

Unis TV

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