Life isn't a Magazine

Number of Seasons 2
Number of Episodes 44
Episode Length 12 min
Broadcast Year 2016-2017

Life isn't a Magazine is a topical webseries that looks at subjects as varied as the family, romantic couples, friendship, careers, maternity, money and spirituality. The approach uses a good dose of humour while remaining thoughtful.

Hosted by two inseparable friends, Catherine Trudeau and Léane Labrèche-Dor, the webseries features situations that stimulate discussion and cooperation, which is what you’d expect from two close friends like Catherine and Léane. Viewers are drawn into their captivating musings as they explore a host of subjects with the help of their many collaborators.

It’s all very pithy, punchy, colourful and inspiring! Confirmed single women and committed women alike will identify with the webseries, which aims to make viewers laugh and reflect on day-to-day life in all its glory. Entertainment at its best!

  • 2017 : Meilleure série originale produire pour les médias numériques : magazine