Lac-Mégantic - this is not an accident

Just after midnight, on the crest of a hill, the last few pounds of air hiss out of a 10,290-ton freight train. Powered only by gravity, the runaway train descends. Within seconds, six million liters of Bakken oil explode, killing everyone in its path, incinerating downtown Mégantic.

From director Phillipe Falardeau, Lac-Mégantic investigates one of the worst oil train tragedies in history, a foreseeable catastrophe ignited by corporate and political negligence. At the heart of this series are the survivors who share their most intimate stories of lost loved ones and the string of injustices they’ve faced since that summer night.

Meanwhile, longer and heavier freight trains barrel through major cities and small towns in record numbers. Although 47 people lost their lives and millions more are at risk every day, the steps needed to prevent another Lac-Mégantic are still not in place. The next Mégantic is not if but when.

Genre(s) :

Documentary & Factual
Documentary series

Duration :

4 épisodes de 60 minutes

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