Last Summer of the Raspberries

An epic love story that arcs between comedy, chaos, drama and sadness.

Surviving the unexpected death of her husband John, Elisabeth has no choice but to dive headlong into a new and often-unpredictable life. A life she knows nothing about : farm life! The shit has so hit the fan! Not only does she have to hold her ground against a pack of controlling and slightly hysterical in-laws, she must also deal with nature’s whims – and with her own mounting ethical dilemmas as she dares to question long- standing practices. Throughout this often-bumpy journey, she finds herself unexpectedly leaning on the farm’s seasonal workers – and, in particular, on the enigmatic Francisco, who was there for her husband when she wasn’t. While Elisabeth had never given much thought to these employees (beyond appreciating their hard work), she’s now forced to seriously reassess the situation. As she struggles to keep both her family and her business together, the workers become an invaluable lifeline. In their parallel respective solitudes – hers of mourning and theirs of being separated from their homeland – both find unexpected solace and refuge in one another.

Awards and Festival Selections

  • World Premiere at the 72th Berlinale - Berlinale Series 2022
  • Series Mania - International Panorama 2022
  • Seoul International Drama Awards 2022 for Best Miniseries
  • Best series at Geneva International Film Festival 2022
  • Gemini Awards 2022 for Best Lead Actress (Sandrine Bisson)

Genre(s) :


Duration :

10 episodes x 45 minutes

Number of Seasons :


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Broadcaster(s) :

Club Illico

Production Year(s) :