Massi on a Mission

Season 1 | Space Mission

Astronaut David Saint-Jacques challenges youtuber Massi Mahiou to prepare for a future space mission. Who knows, maybe he or one of the young viewers will be the next Canadian astronaut to go into space? By the way, how do astronauts train? What experiments do they conduct? How do they pee in zero gravity? Massi will tell us everything there is to know about David Saint-Jacques' mission and about space through a series of amusing videos that he delivers with his trademark humor.

Season 2 | Human Body and Sports

Olympic diving medalist Jennifer Abel gives Massi a new mission: to learn as much as possible about competitive sports! Massi dives into the world of top athletes, from skateboarding to boxing, and from rhythmic gymnastics to parajudo, among others! This new season of Massi on a Mission also tackles different themes such as defeat, stress and nutrition. Massi, let's go!

Massi is also on a mission to unravel the mysteries of the human body. Why do we need to wash? Why do we lose our sense of smell when we have a cold? Why does the skin on our fingers shrivel up when we take a long bath? With hilarious skits, experiments and creative demonstrations, Massi promises us new and amusing encounters that will allow us to learn more about how our bodies work!

Season 3 | Environment

Biologist, oceanographer and nature enthusiast Boucar Diouf gives Massi a new mission: to learn as much as possible about the environment! Insect-based recipes, zero waste lunch boxes, cycling... Massi discovers inspiring worlds. He approaches his new mission with confidence and optimism.

Genre(s) :

Kids & Youth
Youth magazine

Duration :

2 to 3 minutes

Number of Seasons :


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Broadcaster(s) :

ICI, SRC Zone jeunesse

Production Year(s) :