Top of The Tops

Number of Seasons 2
Number of Episodes 1500
Episode Length 2 min.
Broadcast Year 2017-2019
Broadcaster TFO

Top Of The Tops introduces a new fun-filled short program format that features amazing rankings on varied themes of particular interest to young people aged 9 to 12. History, science, sports, fashion, do-it-yourself, recipes, animals, magic: each segment focuses on everything the younger generation should know about their world and the world at large. The show’s hosts and enthusiastic announcers use their quirky sense of humour to stay miles away from taking themselves too seriously. Inspired by the web and easily adapted to any market, Top Of The Tops is all about learning and having fun at the same time! Adaptable to all platforms, any segment of the show can be stripped or
broadcast as house fillers or bumpers.